Wednesday, December 8, 2010

My Last James Rizzi lesson (for now)….


First, I want to give a shout of thanks to my fellow blogger who have viewed and posted comments recently about James Rizzi’s art. I have had such a great experience teaching about Rizzi and it is wonderful to have a platform to share. I have only been blogging for about a month..and it has been tons of fun!!!!

Now for the lesson…

I got this idea from browsing Artsonia. This lesson is really what started my James Rizzi fascination. When I saw the silly buildings students were making, I knew I had to learn about Rizzi.

Anyways, I made a PowerPoint of Rizzi’s work and shared with my students. I was able to show a picture like “Be a Good Sport,” and introduce foreground, middle ground, background.

Next, the kids drew their road and silly buildings. I encouraged them to add something close in the foreground. Then, they outlined the buildings in Sharpie.

Lastly, the kids painted their pictures with liquid watercolors. They used some fluorescent and metallic liquid watercolors. I found that I didn’t like the consistency of the fluorescent watercolors and probably won’t buy them again. The kids still thought they were fun though. When I do this project again I may change up the media.





Over the last few weeks I have come across some other blogs with James Rizzi lessons. Check them out!

Please let me know if you have Rizzi lessons or come across some online. Thanks for reading!


  1. Another Rizzi lesson to love! So happy! Thanks Kristyn for the nice words on my blog.

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