Friday, April 8, 2011

Origami Pictures

 Third graders are learning about art around the world.  We recently studied Japan and the art or paper folding, origami.  As a class we created a cat and dog.  Then students were allowed to try other simple animals.  Then they turned their origami animals into a picture.  Here are just a few examples....

Dundee Art 448Dundee Art 454
Dundee Art 457
Dundee Art 451



Check out this website for more origami ideas….


  1. These are so cute - clever idea! I am hopeless with origami so I have never tried to teach it. I swear they leave a step out of the instructions...

  2. Phyl, origami is not my specialty either. That is why we started with the cat and the dog which are super easy. It was one of my students ideas to then turn the cat into a raccoon. I was shocked by how much everyone really liked origami.

  3. I like how the students incorporated the origami animals into their picture.

    When I was a child my father showed me how to make a boat.

    Of course I had no idea that the art of folding paper is called origami.

    But now every time I see origami artworks I think of my father.

    Thanks for posting the link with the origami ideas. Maybe the lonely days of my "boat" are over.

  4. While enjoying my cup of coffee this morning, and looking at the origami website, I did manage to make an origami bunny! My little boat has a bunny sailor for a companion.

    Thanks again for posting the website

  5. I am glad you found it helpful :)

  6. Very cute origami animals. I also like the idea that they are incorporated into a drawing. You have lots of cute projects but I think I'm going to just have to try the origami since I too have never done this. Great posting.

  7. This is a great idea. I love how the combination of origami with the students drawings, it looks like they had fun doing it.


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