Sunday, July 10, 2011

Summer Art Camp...


This past week I taught art camp with my 3rd - 5th grade students.  The morning session was Painting and Printmaking and the afternoon session was 3-D Art.  I used a lot of ideas from my fellow bloggers.  A big thanks to, and for ideas and inspiration!!!

Here are a couple of pieces completed during camp.  Check out my school blog for more pictures....

Landscape of the courtyard at the high school.  Water-soluble oil pastels, watercolors and gouache. 
Folk art painting inspired by artist Karla Gerard.  Thanks Sleepyhead Design Studio. Students painted with tempera and acrylic.
Paintings inspired by Wayne Thiebaud.  We used acrylic and modeling paste. 
Group Mural inspired by circle painting.

Crayola air dray clay.  Unfortunatly a lot of the sculptures broke.  Has anyone else ever had trouble with this kid of clay? 
Wacky sculptures with model magic and wire (a Dick Blick lesson).  I never realized how well the primary colored model magic mixes.  I wish it wasn't so expensive. 

This coming week I will be doing the same classes but with 6th-8th grade.  I hope to share their projects soon.


  1. Wonderful collection of art work. I love the group mural. One of my camps made big mouth fish with air dry clay. We had problems with pieces breaking off too. I will definitely make adjustments when using the clay next time.

  2. This is so great! I love the Karla Gerard-inspired painting. I've had problems with that kind of air dry clay breaking at the joints where two pieces were put together .. :(

  3. Cool projects! fun fun. I had a terrible time with Crayola air dry clay as well. I had purchased about $100 worth of it. I called them and they sent me $100 worth of gift certificates for Crayola projects. I would call and complain. If enough people do, maybe they will reformulate. I'm done with air dry clay though, I have not found one that is strong and doesn't break.

  4. Some fantastic work here - I really love the Group Mural - it is so bright and happy and just 'sings'. The folk art inspired by Karla Gerard is great - I will have to look her up. Thank you for sharing these wonderful ideas.


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