Friday, November 12, 2010

Klee Castles

I love surfing different art education blogs. Last week I came across this neat lesson at Use Your Colored Pencils. It was perfect for my 1st graders who had been learning about shape.

We discussed the different shapes that are in Paul Klee’s painting “Castle and the Sun.” The I handed out lots of 1in. squares. I posed the questions, “How can you turn a square into 2 triangles with just one line?” I was thrilled that one of my students told me I had to draw a diagonal line (Yay! He remembered the word diagonal!). Then students used the shapes to make their own castles. Neat project! Thanks Anne!





  1. Ooooh those are really fun! I remember looking at that blog too and thinking that was a great project. I'll have to try it! Your kids did a great job! I'm getting addicted to this blogging world :) It's so fun!!!

  2. I am getting addicted too! I am about to make another post..haha!

  3. You are a very good teacher. The posters that your students created are fantastic. Nice blog, too.

  4. Thanks Kristyn for linking back so I could check these out! How exciting! I think next time I'll get the kids to cut them into triangles too.

  5. How fun. I need something like this for Kinder or 1st. Thanks for sharing!


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