Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Inspired by the “Happy Rizzi House”

File:Happy RIZZI House.jpgFile:Rizzi-Haus Braunschweig.jpg

We started this project by looking at pictures of James Rizzi’s work and focused on the “Happy Rizzi House.” This building is located in Brunswick, Germany. I then show students how to make a 3-D building with tag board (thanks to an art teacher at the MAEA conference). We add windows and doors and discuss design ideas. Students use marker to complete their building. The kids loved this project!

As an extension to this project we wrote letters to Mr. Rizzi. In Germany Mr. Rizzi’s art is used widely in art curriculum.

how to make a box 001


Friday, November 12, 2010

Kids Love James Rizzi!


Last year, I was searching for ideas on Artsonia, and became familiar with the contemporary American artist James Rizzi. After researching his artwork, I knew I wanted share his art with my students. I started with teaching one grade, but eventually had to do lessons with all my 1st-4th grade students. We eventually created an art exhibit in honor of James Rizzi. Check it out! In the next week or so I will try to give more detailed posts on the lessons I did with my students.

Things that make me happy…Kokeshi Dolls


Today a colleague and I were talking, and she got me thinking about Kokeshi Dolls. I just love them! Aren’t they cute. Above are the dolls in my craft room. I made the two on the right out of paper just for fun. Below are some cute Kokeshi Dolls I found on ebay. I believe this is the same seller I got my dolls from. A good idea for my X-mas gift (hint, hint, Tim)

Last year I taught a Japanese art enrichment class. Here are a couple dolls my students made. We used toilet paper roll, foil, plaster wrap and acrylic paint. These were made by 4th graders.


Klee Castles

I love surfing different art education blogs. Last week I came across this neat lesson at Use Your Colored Pencils. It was perfect for my 1st graders who had been learning about shape.

We discussed the different shapes that are in Paul Klee’s painting “Castle and the Sun.” The I handed out lots of 1in. squares. I posed the questions, “How can you turn a square into 2 triangles with just one line?” I was thrilled that one of my students told me I had to draw a diagonal line (Yay! He remembered the word diagonal!). Then students used the shapes to make their own castles. Neat project! Thanks Anne!




Lots of Dots....

Last year I taught a lesson about Aboriginal Art that I thought was very successful. We started by choosing an Australian animal to draw. Then we traced it on tooling foil. We colored with Sharpies and cut out. Then using construction paper crayons we added Aboriginal symbols. We finished with LOT OF DOTS (florescent paint).

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Printmaking Ideas...

At the MAEA conference, I took a printmaking session. This class was taught by art teacher extraordinaire Annie Howard. Check out all the great ideas.

Very fine sandpaper colored with crayon and printed on muslin.

A picture of twins....for the young

Cute marshmallow prints.

Fingerprints....check out Ed Emberely's book

Styrofoam plate prints... You carve then color with water-based markers. You print on a damp piece of paper to transfer the color. The Panda was done by a fellow art teacher.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

What an Artful Weekend!!!

I love it when I get a chance to meet with other art teachers. This week has been great! Thursday I had in service with all the wonderful elementary art educators in Monroe County. A great bunch with so much to offer. Then, this weekend was the annual Michigan Art Education Conference. This is one of my favorite weekends of the year. I always come back so rejuvenated and on an art "high" of sorts. I am looking forward to posting some of the great ideas I have gained soon!!!

Below is a picture of all the goodies I brought home. I told my husband it was like Christmas..hehe

Oh...and if we have chatted this week and you have just checkout my new blog I would love to hear from you. Leave me a comment. I love networking with you!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Aboriginal Art

Today my 3rd graders worked on their Aboriginal art projects. We discussed Australia and how the Aborigines are the native people of Australia. We looked at various Aboriginal pieces and then they created their own. I gave out worksheets with Aboriginal symbols to help with ideas. We used construction paper crayons, and fluorescent tempera. Here are some works in progress....

Last year I did a similar, but more advanced project with my 5th graders. I will try to post that lesson plan soon.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Warm leaves in the Cool wind...

Today my 2nd graders finished this lesson. I was really happy with the results. We started by making leaf rubbings and then painting them with warm colors. I was able to review the term texture that we discussed last year. Next, I showed the painting Starry Night, and we discussed what Van Gogh's swirls represented. The students used cool colored oil pastels and made swirls on 90lb. white paper. We used tempera cakes (with lots of water) to finish the background. Finally, on the last day, we cut out the leaves and glued them onto the background. Some students added green leaves by printing with cardboard and tempera. This was a fun fall project that reinforced art elements learned last year.

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Day of the Dead

This year in 3rd grade my students are learning about the art of different cultures. Each student has a passport they fill out after they complete a project. For this lesson we learned about Mexico and the holiday El dia de los muertos (Day of the Dead). Students created their own sugar skulls and used color, glitter and sequence to jazz it up!

Halloween Silhouettes

I love Ed Emberley's drawing books. If you do not have any in your classroom, I would highly recommend them. They are simple and easy for even my youngest students.

My 2nd-4th graders made halloween silhouettes with their free time. They got ideas for Ed Emberley's Halloween drawing book. They used orange paper, sharpie markers, black paint and googly eyes. A fun and easy project.

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