Sunday, January 30, 2011

Color Wheel Pizza Time!!!


This is a great lesson that I got from the blog Art Lessons for Kids.  My 2nd graders have been spending the last few months discussing color.  This lesson was a great way to review what we have learned.  I definitely perked their interest when I told them we were making color wheel “pizzas.”

We started by tracing a circle on white tag board.  100_5789Then we used a ruler and drew a line to split the circle in half.  I was able to add some math in the lesson, at this point.  Then I had them put a dot in the center.  We drew and X, which split the circle into 6 segments aka “slices.” I found it worked best when I had the kids number their slices.  We then talked about primary and secondary colors and colored our slices. 

Once they were finished coloring…the real fun began.  I set up stations around the room of different “toppings” the kids could add to their pizza.  There was felt, paper, foam shapes, pipe cleaners, glitter, feathers, and small pom poms.

It was neat seeing all the different ideas the kids came up with. 

When  students finished I took pictures of them pretending to take a bite out of their pizza.  I had one student even cut out a bite…too funny.  Then students put their pizza on the drying rack, aka “oven” to bake. 

Lastly, to end the color unit with 2nd grade, we watched some chapters from Getting to Know Color in Art

Monday, January 24, 2011

Warm and Cool Landscapes

This is one of my favorite chalk projects.  I got the idea from Artsonia, and have had success every year I have taught it.  I did this project with 2nd grade and it took 2-3 class periods.

One the first day, we draw the landscape together on black paper.  I then tell the kids we are going to draw with glue.  They look at me all confused, which I think is funny Smile.  I show them how to trace their pencil lines with the glue.  I have them practice on scrap paper first.

On the next class period we start the chalking.  I demonstrate how to blend colors.  We look at the color wheel and I show them how colors near each other blend nicely.  The choose either warm or cool for the foreground and the opposite for the background.

I make sure to pass out wet and dry paper towels so the kids can was their fingers before changing colors.100_5759

  This student was absent on the day we did the glue, so she used chalk first and then outlined with black oil pastel.100_5763

Monday, January 17, 2011

Color study with Kandinsky

Farbstudie  I have to say that Kandinsky is probably my favorite artist.  I had the opportunity in college to go to Munich, Germany and went to a small museum/ house that displayed his art.  There were four rooms of Kandinsky art and I was blown away.  I love his use of color and movement. So with that being said, I love teaching Kandinsky.  I especially like sharing his Farbstudie painting.

100_5741100_5750  I have done this lesson several times before and I always mix it up a little. This time around I had first graders use tempera cakes and then add finishing touches with oil pastel.  I pre-folded 12x18 paper into eighths and had students use a tracer for the first circle and then make the rest. 


Here is another version I have taught.  In the pictures below, we drew out our designs with oil pastel first.  Then the students used liquid watercolors to complete the background. 

One last note… Kandinsky can be a tricky name for the kids to remember.  Anytime I teach a new name with my first graders, we clap it out…KAN DIN SKI.  We do this several times in different high and low pitched voices.  This will get giggles, but I know they enjoy it!The next week they come to class they usually remember. 

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

“Ugly Dolls” Photo-Shoot Take 2

Last month I shared some of the photos my 7th graders took of their plush friends.  Here are some more photos of their creatures shenanigans….
100_5624 100_5629
Hanging out in the gym
Supporting education
Reading periodicals
100_5623     Chilling with friends
100_5622     Getting a drink
Terrorizing poor Santa and his reindeer

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

We “Heart” Art…

  I was reading the blog The Elementary Art Room! (which is a great blog) and Megan got me thinking about Jim Dine projects I have done in the past.   I have to admit, I was really pumped my first year teaching when I discovered there was a famous artist who painted hearts.  If I am going to do a holiday project, I want to make sure there is good content.


      This project I have done with 2nd and 3rd.  I show a PowerPoint with all Dine’s various hearts.  Then the kids use mixed media to create  there own.  The kids are very creative.  One year we started in tempera and then added finished designs with oil pastels.  Last year we used squirt bottles full of tempera to outline and add finishing touches.  When the bottles got near empty they  splatter paint and the kids liked that effect.

Another project I have done, and thought was successful, was using tissue paper pieces/squares to decorate a background.  Then the kids would take black oil pastel and  and draw a big  heart.  I also gave them white oil pastel to add a highlight.  This project is inspired specifically by Dine’ confetti heart.  Sadly, I can’t seem to kind a picture of this project Sad smile

Just imagine colored tissue paper glued down with black drawn on top.  I guess Dine’s will have to do…hehe

Sunday, January 9, 2011

After School Art

For the last few years my school has been able to offer some after school classes.  Last year I taught Japanese Art and Eats and Storybook Art.  It was a fun experience for me.  I had small classes sizes and could experiment with new projects. 

This year I am going to co-teach an African art class and also teach a class devoted to James Rizzi (both will be 3rd and 4th grade).  I am pretty excited.  So I thought I would ask for your input…MY WONDERFUL ART TEACHER BLOG FRIENDS.  So far I know I want to do something with African masks (not sure what media), Ndebele dolls, and  a textile project (but not Adinkra because I will be doing that is my regular classroom).   I also saw some sort or wire push toy and can’t remember the name of it…I think it started with a “G” (real descriptive…I know)

I know I am going to do this lesson from we heart art.  I just love it….

So do you have any great ideas?  Feel free to leave a link to your blog.  I also know some of you are just getting to know James Rizzi’s work, but I would be interested in your ideas about him too.  I don’t want to repeat any of the lessons I taught last year.  I am thinking about clay houses, maybe a mural, and so on.  I will make sure to post the projects too!


Watercolor Winter Landscapes

4th graders were introduced to different watercolor tecniques.  We started class by making a practice page.
Next, students painted a sky using the watercolor teniques leanerd.  Using salt gave the illusion of snow.  We finshed this the first class.
On our second class, we looked at pictures of birch trees in the winter.  We discussed space and perspective. We cut strips of white paper and made different size trees. We also looked at at the snow and discussed how it wasn’t all white.  Shadows made other colors appear.  We added shadows to our trees.
Dundee Art 001
Dundee Art 006
Dundee Art 036
Dundee Art 003
On the last class, we used oil pastels and tempera cakes to add fences, animals, snowmen, and/or snowballs.  Students also added snow in the sky and on their fence. 
Dundee Art 005
I adapted this lesson from several similar ones on Artsonia.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Architecture …. Design and Color!!!

This is a successful lesson that I purchased and adapted from Deep Space Sparkle.  I rarely buy lessons, but I like how Patty formats her lessons and adds worksheets.  I really liked this lesson, because I was able to teach design elements (line, patterns, and texture), color theory, and architecture (St. Basil).  I also showed my students Zentangles designs for inspiration.
Here are a few finished examples.  I have not done this lesson with all my 5th grade classes yet. 
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