Thursday, December 29, 2011

James will be missed.

I am very sad to find out of James Rizzi's passing.  He has been a huge inspiration to me and my students (and will continue to be).  I am blessed to have gotten the chance to collaborate with him the past few years.  Mr. Rizzi, you will be missed dearly!


  1. This news will be tough for your kids, who probably for their first and only time, got to speak to and with a 'real' well-known successful artist, whose artwork is so totally accessible for kids instead of incomprehensible to them. Thanks for introducing his work to me!

  2. Kristyn,

    It will be hard to tell the kids. Sorry you have to be in that position :( It is a hard introduction to life; I'm sure some have dealt with this already unfortunately on a closer to home basis. It wouldn't hurt to let their parents know about your awesome collaboration and his passing and your plans for future work with the kids to honor him. That way the parents can talk to their kids as well. If it was me, we have a wonderful principal and I would let her know as well. We recently had a death at the school the boy is on my mind everyday. I think reaching out to others at the school for help will be better then any advice you can get online because they know the kids and parents. This could be a very teachable moment for your kids and it is experiences like these that help them be able to cope in the future with loss. I would be so happy as a parent to have a compassionate teacher like you having a discussion with my child.

    So so sorry for your loss. It seems like you both were just getting started on your work together! Art IS the greatest healer, so I'm sure some more art will come out of this for your kids.

  3. Wow, you asked me for advice on how to tell hte kids, but I think Erica just nailed it. I like the idea of informing parents and administration. But I do think kids often deal with loss in their lives, and have to realize that the loss of someone important to you IS a part of life. So I'd be straight-up honest with them. At least it wasn't a drug death or something else less than wholesome. It's life: sometimes people we love get sick. So sad.

  4. This was a great experience for your students and you will always have the video as a memory of his impact to your students. I am looking to do a skype interview with an artist and was wondering if I could contact you about how you set up yours. My email is


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