Sunday, April 15, 2012

New iPad...any advice?

Today I got an iPad and am wondering if any of my fellow art teachers use their iPad for blogging? I just downloaded the app Blogsy and this is my first attempt. I am hoping to use it at school for photographing and then easy blogging. Any advice?


  1. Kristyn, I can't help you, but I am interested to hearing more about what you do with it. I recently got a new cell phone, and opted for a cheapo phone with no extra stuff. I did that because I decided instead I was going to buy myself an iPad as a retirement gift. I have never owned ANY sort of i-Thing at all - not an iPod, NOTHING. I'm in the technological dark ages! So the whole platform will be new to me. My son advised me that the iPad will be the easiest tablet for me to learn since Mac doesn't leave you much room to screw up. I trust his advice, but I really will be a serious beginner.

    Enjoy your new toy and keep us posted about its perks!

    1. Phyl - Knowing your love of Scrabble you should LOVE this: My sister-in-law bought an iPad last year. There is an app (or a game) you can play called Words with Friends (that is just like Scrabble). You play with other people you know who have an ipad or iPhone. She plays with a few friends of mine and I swear, they barely come up for air. They are ALWAYS playing. Truth be told, it drives me a bit nuts!!

  2. I use three ipads in my classroom...and use them for storytelling and assessment (mainly). Sometimes I use them for centers when work is finished.

    I wrote a blog post about creating QR codes in my classroom:

    i also share on my blog ( about use. hope that sparks an idea!
    good luck, if i can help in any way, let me know!

  3. Phyl, it is all new to me too. I have avoided smart phones, because I don't want to pay the extra 30 bucks a month...haha. I know once I have one it will be hard to go back. I am enjoying the iPad so far (for the most part). I did feel like throwing it yesterday out of frustration. I am so accustomed to Windows, but I know I just need to be patient :)

    Joanna, I will definitely to more investigating into your posts. The QR code idea is really cool.

    I am most interested in how you use the iPad for assessment. There is a big push for setting up more assessments now because they may be tied to our teacher evaluations. Honestly, I find the whole thing pretty overwhelming. I already grade all my middle school students' work, but trying to grade projects for my 500 elementary students seems like a lot. I am all about finding the most efficient way to go about this.

  4. Hi Kristyn
    I do sometimes use my iPad for blogging. I use the Wordpress platform, so use a different app. To me, it is best for blogging a quick post with no photos or just a photo or two (taken with your iPad or pushed from Photo Stream). On the plus side, I used my iPhone and WordPress app to blog a photo live from beach.
    We went 1:1 iPad for the entire 4th grade last year - kids used their iPads as cameras to shoot alphabet photography, and on a famous artist QR code scavenger hunt at the art show. Good luck. Would love to how this is progressing.

    Rina at

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