Monday, July 23, 2012

Student Spotlight: Jonathan

   One of the most rewarding things as an art teacher is to have a student who takes art and runs with it.  I have had the pleasure of teaching Jonathan.  He is currently going into 8th grade and has a passion for “junk" art, experimenting and assemblages.  I have been so impressed by his work, I just had to share.  He has been updating me over the summer with his creations.  I hope you appreciate them as much as I do.
Above is one of his most recent pieces and my personal favorite!

Last summer at art camp students created junk assemblages. Above is one of Jonathan’s examples.  This is when I learned about his love for creating out of junk.

Below is a picture of Jonathan’s studio space in his basement…
Another great thing I love, is Jonathan documents his art on YouTube.  Check out/subscribe to his channel….

We did ATC’s in art club this year, check out some of his awesome creations…
Some of Jonathan’s Artist Trading Cards
Great work Jonathan, keep it up!


  1. You have the pleasure of seeing him grow as an artist. One day you will be able to say I knew him when... Hope he continues on with his art education. He has made some very cool pieces. Thanks for sharing! :)

  2. wow! those mixed media collages are fantastic! keep it up j-man!

  3. I've been following your blog and have enjoyed the variety of experiences you share with your students. When I saw this posting about ATCs, I thought I'd send you a short note. Although I'm not an art teacher (I teach grade 5 ... all subjects including art), I have been swapping ATCs for over a year now. Last year, I got my kids into it, too, and we swapped with schools all over the world. It was a great experience that I'd like to repeat again this school year. I'm wondering if you and your students might be interested in swapping with my kids. I'm completely open to themes and times of year. I'm actually trying to organize one swap each month for my class. So far, I have a commitment for January, but the rest of the year is wide open so far. Are you interested? If so, is there a month that is better for you? Once we've agreed to a month, we can figure out all of the other details. Hope to hear back from you.

    Sylvia Marshall
    Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

  4. A very talented student.
    His projects are very creative.

  5. Sylvia, I am sorry for the delay. I would be interested in swapping. Get me your contact info, or send me an email and we can iron out details. I am not sure how bug my art club will be this year, but I am sure they will love thise experience.

  6. Thanks everyone for the kind words about my art, I really enjoy making mixed media, collage, assemblage and artist trading cards and am going to be selling on etsy soon! P.S. I have my own website also @ -Jonathan

    1. Way to go, Jonathan! It's great to see how serious and committed you are to your work. Keep it up.

  7. I am not only wowed by Jonathon's art (which is AMAZING!) but also by his professionalism and ability to share and promote his art work at such an early age. Way to go and thanks for sharing such extraordinary student work on your blog.

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