Sunday, January 9, 2011

After School Art

For the last few years my school has been able to offer some after school classes.  Last year I taught Japanese Art and Eats and Storybook Art.  It was a fun experience for me.  I had small classes sizes and could experiment with new projects. 

This year I am going to co-teach an African art class and also teach a class devoted to James Rizzi (both will be 3rd and 4th grade).  I am pretty excited.  So I thought I would ask for your input…MY WONDERFUL ART TEACHER BLOG FRIENDS.  So far I know I want to do something with African masks (not sure what media), Ndebele dolls, and  a textile project (but not Adinkra because I will be doing that is my regular classroom).   I also saw some sort or wire push toy and can’t remember the name of it…I think it started with a “G” (real descriptive…I know)

I know I am going to do this lesson from we heart art.  I just love it….

So do you have any great ideas?  Feel free to leave a link to your blog.  I also know some of you are just getting to know James Rizzi’s work, but I would be interested in your ideas about him too.  I don’t want to repeat any of the lessons I taught last year.  I am thinking about clay houses, maybe a mural, and so on.  I will make sure to post the projects too!



  1. Have you seen this neighborhood lesson on Mrs. Picasso's Art Room blog:

    I was just thinking it could be adapted to a Rizzi lesson, but not sure I'll have time to try it this year.

  2. Try mudcloth printmaking - you can print on textile or paper. Here's a wonderful interactive website to introduce the concept to your students: Contact me if you want more details! I presented a workshop at our state conference & have LP's & handouts somewhere on this computer...

  3. Christie, you have got me thinking. I really like how the buildings pop out (similar to Rizzi's). Thanks!

    Nancie, how did you have the kids print? Do they use a resist method? I have my students make foam stamps and use ink to print for Adinkra cloths, but I know that mud-cloths have a different process.

  4. My theme for 5th grade this year is Africa. We made masks inspired by Ivory Coast masks as well as Mali mud cloths. Check it out on my blog!

    Also, the wire toys are called Galimoto wire toys. Gali means wire and moto means wheels. I know Karen Lynn Williams has a book about them called Galimoto (published by Lothrop, Lee and Shepard in 1990).

    Lots more ideas in the book Hands-On Africa by Yvonne Y Merrill.

  5. Yes, Galimoto wire toys are right...thank you. We evne had the book in our library!

  6. I have done some cool projects based on African Art. I am new to blogging so I don't have any on my site. I did a cool project with a book called A is for Africa. It is an alphabet book with all different animals from Africa. Each child chose an African Animal and we created our own alphabet. They came out great and we were able to incorporate some research and writing.
    I also did Ndebele people using the cardboard cones from yarn and a styrofoam ball wrapped in black cloth. I know I have other projects, but they have slipped my mind. I will check and get back to you. You can see my blog at I would love to hear about some of your japanese projects!


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