Monday, January 17, 2011

Color study with Kandinsky

Farbstudie  I have to say that Kandinsky is probably my favorite artist.  I had the opportunity in college to go to Munich, Germany and went to a small museum/ house that displayed his art.  There were four rooms of Kandinsky art and I was blown away.  I love his use of color and movement. So with that being said, I love teaching Kandinsky.  I especially like sharing his Farbstudie painting.

100_5741100_5750  I have done this lesson several times before and I always mix it up a little. This time around I had first graders use tempera cakes and then add finishing touches with oil pastel.  I pre-folded 12x18 paper into eighths and had students use a tracer for the first circle and then make the rest. 


Here is another version I have taught.  In the pictures below, we drew out our designs with oil pastel first.  Then the students used liquid watercolors to complete the background. 

One last note… Kandinsky can be a tricky name for the kids to remember.  Anytime I teach a new name with my first graders, we clap it out…KAN DIN SKI.  We do this several times in different high and low pitched voices.  This will get giggles, but I know they enjoy it!The next week they come to class they usually remember. 

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  1. I love your idea for getting them to remember Kandinsky's name! Making up songs about artists and concepts is very helpful too. Thanks for sharing :-)


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