Sunday, January 9, 2011

Watercolor Winter Landscapes

4th graders were introduced to different watercolor tecniques.  We started class by making a practice page.
Next, students painted a sky using the watercolor teniques leanerd.  Using salt gave the illusion of snow.  We finshed this the first class.
On our second class, we looked at pictures of birch trees in the winter.  We discussed space and perspective. We cut strips of white paper and made different size trees. We also looked at at the snow and discussed how it wasn’t all white.  Shadows made other colors appear.  We added shadows to our trees.
Dundee Art 001
Dundee Art 006
Dundee Art 036
Dundee Art 003
On the last class, we used oil pastels and tempera cakes to add fences, animals, snowmen, and/or snowballs.  Students also added snow in the sky and on their fence. 
Dundee Art 005
I adapted this lesson from several similar ones on Artsonia.


  1. The fences and their shadows really add a lot to these landscapes!

  2. Very cool lesson! I can see the kids learned a lot from this one.

  3. I am doing a version of this with my 4th graders right now. Yours are gorgeous!

  4. I could just picture the question and answer session with your students about how to make the trees look more real. I love to ask my students tons of questions and the majority of the time they can figure the answer out for themselves. They feel so pumped about that. Thanks for sharing. I will definitely try it.


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