Monday, January 24, 2011

Warm and Cool Landscapes

This is one of my favorite chalk projects.  I got the idea from Artsonia, and have had success every year I have taught it.  I did this project with 2nd grade and it took 2-3 class periods.

One the first day, we draw the landscape together on black paper.  I then tell the kids we are going to draw with glue.  They look at me all confused, which I think is funny Smile.  I show them how to trace their pencil lines with the glue.  I have them practice on scrap paper first.

On the next class period we start the chalking.  I demonstrate how to blend colors.  We look at the color wheel and I show them how colors near each other blend nicely.  The choose either warm or cool for the foreground and the opposite for the background.

I make sure to pass out wet and dry paper towels so the kids can was their fingers before changing colors.100_5759

  This student was absent on the day we did the glue, so she used chalk first and then outlined with black oil pastel.100_5763


  1. These are absolutely beautiful. This is not my first year teaching, but it is my first year teaching elementary art. I've taught Jr. High and High School but this is a completely new ballgame for me. I've already hi-jacked two ideas from you... loved the penguins. Thanks so much for the help! I'll try to pay it forward when I'm in my 4th year!

  2. Thanks for letting me know. I am glad some of my lessons are helpful. Most of them I have adapted from other wonderful art educators. Let me know if you ever are in the need of other resources.


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