Tuesday, January 11, 2011

We “Heart” Art…

  I was reading the blog The Elementary Art Room! (which is a great blog) and Megan got me thinking about Jim Dine projects I have done in the past.   I have to admit, I was really pumped my first year teaching when I discovered there was a famous artist who painted hearts.  If I am going to do a holiday project, I want to make sure there is good content.


      This project I have done with 2nd and 3rd.  I show a PowerPoint with all Dine’s various hearts.  Then the kids use mixed media to create  there own.  The kids are very creative.  One year we started in tempera and then added finished designs with oil pastels.  Last year we used squirt bottles full of tempera to outline and add finishing touches.  When the bottles got near empty they  splatter paint and the kids liked that effect.

Another project I have done, and thought was successful, was using tissue paper pieces/squares to decorate a background.  Then the kids would take black oil pastel and  and draw a big  heart.  I also gave them white oil pastel to add a highlight.  This project is inspired specifically by Dine’ confetti heart.  Sadly, I can’t seem to kind a picture of this project Sad smile

Just imagine colored tissue paper glued down with black drawn on top.  I guess Dine’s will have to do…hehe

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