Sunday, January 30, 2011

Color Wheel Pizza Time!!!


This is a great lesson that I got from the blog Art Lessons for Kids.  My 2nd graders have been spending the last few months discussing color.  This lesson was a great way to review what we have learned.  I definitely perked their interest when I told them we were making color wheel “pizzas.”

We started by tracing a circle on white tag board.  100_5789Then we used a ruler and drew a line to split the circle in half.  I was able to add some math in the lesson, at this point.  Then I had them put a dot in the center.  We drew and X, which split the circle into 6 segments aka “slices.” I found it worked best when I had the kids number their slices.  We then talked about primary and secondary colors and colored our slices. 

Once they were finished coloring…the real fun began.  I set up stations around the room of different “toppings” the kids could add to their pizza.  There was felt, paper, foam shapes, pipe cleaners, glitter, feathers, and small pom poms.

It was neat seeing all the different ideas the kids came up with. 

When  students finished I took pictures of them pretending to take a bite out of their pizza.  I had one student even cut out a bite…too funny.  Then students put their pizza on the drying rack, aka “oven” to bake. 

Lastly, to end the color unit with 2nd grade, we watched some chapters from Getting to Know Color in Art


  1. I love your pizzas! Now I'm thinking about what would make a great crust!

  2. Kristyn, I did a similar lesson which you can see here at my blog
    I love how you took the idea beyond sorting and students made a "pizza with toppings." How fun!

  3. For years I've done a similar lesson, but with just a slice of pizza. The color wheel comes in with the "pepperoni" and "mushrooms" we add. I like your way and may change mine up some...great lesson!

  4. I love the way you did this. I came over from art lessons for kids. We did a completely different art project with my kids using pizza trays. May be you´d like to look at it and use the idea as well. You can find it here:

  5. These color wheels are awesome! I want to try this with my 3rd grade classes. Thank you for blogging about it.

  6. I have been looking for a neat way to teach the color wheel especially to 2nd grade. I hope you don't mind me using this! The students will love it. I'm thinking of painting it first then adding the toppings. Love your blog!


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