Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Silly Surrealism…

This is a fun one day cooperative project that I did with 2nd graders earlier this school year.  The lesson came from the book Imagine That!: Activities and Adventures in Surrealism.
Each student received a pre-folded 12x18 paper.  They wrote their name on it and were allowed to draw any kind of head in the top section.  They were then told to make the neck go slightly into section 2 and fold their section down.  Then they passed to the student next to them. The process was repeated for section 2 (torso and arms) and 3 (legs).  Then the paper was returned to the original owner. If there was extra time The kids names their creation and created a background (sorry I don’t have pictures of those). 
The kids enjoyed the project and it was nice to do something collaborative for a change.


  1. Very fun! Love collaborative projects I find that some groups do better then others at them. I don't let it discourage me though and figure that some groups really need to LEARN to work collaboratively and a little uncertainty means they're growing. This equisite corpes will be a fun one to try with those groups.

  2. I do this lesson too. Did you know that this idea originated with Dali and friends? They called the game "The Exquisite Corpse", as Art Project Girl referred, after the 1st sentence they made collaboratively. (They played the game with both drawings and words. The sentence that named the game, though not in English, roughly said "the exquisite corpse drank the new wine".)

    By the way, a couple of years ago the author of the book you used presented some workshops at our state art teachers conference. She was awesome!

  3. This looks like a project my 3rd graders would enjoy. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Thanks Ladies! I actually didn't know the reference to "The Exquisite Corpse." Thanks for teaching me something new!


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