Friday, February 11, 2011

Monet Mixed Media Masterpieces

      I have been having camera issues lately, so I have not been staying on track with what is going on in my classroom.  So….I thought I would share a lesson I did a few years ago with a 2nd/3rd class and then last year at my current school with 4th grade. 

    My first art job was teaching at a school that used the High Scope Philosophy of teaching.  In a High Scope classroom Active Learning is very important.  Students are given choices in their learning.  I found that this philosophy worked well in the art room and fostered creativity. 

    For this Project I introduced students to Monet’s waterlily paintings.  (If any one know how to share PPT on blogs I would be happy too.  I have lots of PPT that go with my lessons).  After looking at Monet’s art we used bleedable tissue paper and cover a 12x18 piece of paper with tissue paper and water.  The next class we took the tissue off and had a really neat background. 

   Then I showed students the above poster.  I told them that their project had to have the following elements: A waterlily, lily pad, something that popped off the page, and supporting details (grass or water detail ).  The students got to choose how their materials. 
Below are some different student interpretations….



  1. I really like this! I may steal this one.

  2. Thanks ladies! Holly....steal away :)

  3. I think it’s really interesting that you gave the students this board with choices. I love that idea, it really allows for personal choice, interpretation, and individual original finished results ! What brand of 'bleedable' tissue paper did you use?

  4. I think I used Spectra bleedable tissue paper.

  5. I like this concept of giving almost a scavenger hunt list of things to include. Brilliant.

  6. I love this! How do you make your origami flower?? I've searched for ones but they all seem too hard for my kids.

  7. I like your texture poster! I find that kids really respond to examples like this. Giving choices and creative freedom within a structure is my favorite way to teach! Way to go!


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