Sunday, February 20, 2011

Chinese Art Exchange, Part 1 (Chinese Students)

   This year my 3rd graders are participating in a Chinese Art exchange sponsored by the local 4-H (through MSU).  I was excited for my students to get this opportunity, because it correlates well with our focus on Art Around the World.  I received a few paintings created by elementary age Chinese children to view with my classes.  I was very impressed with the pictures.  Here are the examples….

This first painting was created by a 10 year old boy. I love the stylized bunny on the rainbow.
8 years old
This picture is titled Hide and Seek.
7 years old
The Harvest, 7 years old
I love this painting of kittens.  The title is Brothers.  Believe of not, this painting was done by a 5 year old. 

     My students and I discussed how art is a visual language.  We do not verbally speak the same language  as these Chinese students, but we can still “read” their picture.  We discussed similarities and differences that we might have.  For example, when I showed the painting Hide and Seek, I asked the students what was going on in the painting (I didn’t tell them the title).  Being that many of my students live on farms, they instantly deciphered the corn and the game the kids were playing.  Next, I asked how many kids have played hide in seek in a cornfield, and several kids raised their hands.  Just by looking at this painting, we were able to infer that we have something in common.  Isn’t art a beautiful thing!!!!

    After we looked at these paintings, we discussed what we wanted to “tell” Chinese students about our lives.  I will share some of my students works in my next post.

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