Thursday, February 3, 2011

Nesting Doll Creations

  Third graders continue to learn about art around the world and our latest stop on the map was Russia.  I was excited about this project because I have a collection of Matryoshka (mah-tree-YOSH-kah) aka Russian Nesting Dolls, that I wanted to share with my students. 

First, we looked at several different nesting dolls to get ideas.  Then I did a demo on the board showing simple steps to create the dolls. I modified a lesson from Deep Space Sparkle.  Check out Patty’s PDF Lesson Art From Around the World.  This lesson has a nice step-by-step handout, which I used with my students. 

  The students drew their first doll on 12X18 tag board  and then outlined with Sharpie.   Once they were done outlining, they erased their pencil lines and colored with markers. 
After their first doll was created, students made smaller versions.  I laid out different size tracers for the heads in descending order.  Students created smaller dolls, depending on time that was permitted (For example a snow day allowed one of my classes to only create one).  When dolls were completed, they were cut out and glued on a background. 
Students could stick to the more traditional doll design or come up with their own.
This student dressed her dolls in winter gear.  She made seven!

I also shared this video with my students….
UByK - "Matryoshka" Official Video [stop e-motion animation mix]


  1. These are great! Thanks so much for sharing my link. I'll reciprocate as well!
    Your kids did a beautiful job.

  2. This is a great idea! I'm doing an Around the World type theme as well and the kids get really into it. Thanks for posting this. I also noticed your profile picture is exactly like one I have of myself from New York. What art teacher could resist being photographed next to Starry Night? Haha! :)


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