Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Bookmarking with ICyte

 I love, love, love looking for art ideas on the internet, especially blogs.  My only problem....I can't keep track of all the good ideas.  This is especially tricky with blogs when they are constantly being updated.  I have a solution!   In my technology class one of my colleagues presented on the bookmarking website ICyte.  This site is free to educators and allows you to bookmark a page just how it is at the time you viewed it.  If the page changes, you still have the original saved.  Also, you can make folders aka "Projects" and add tags.

Here is a screen shot of my ICyte page....

I hope this will be helpful!

Oh and I used Jing to take the screen shot (another cool tool).


  1. I use dropbox all the time. Couldn't live without it! I link it to my home computer and work computer.
    Oh and I gave the Stylish Blogger award!

  2. Marvelous! Just what I need to keep track of all the great ideas I see - without having to depend on my somewhat shaky memory...


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