Monday, December 13, 2010

Egyptian Profiles…

Egypt is always a fun art topic.  The kids seem to enjoy learning about Egyptian history.  I like telling them about the mummification process. This year with 4th grade we created Egyptian Profiles. I modified a lesson found in the book Art Matters.

First, on 18x24 paper I traced each student’s silhouette using the overhead as my light source.  While I was working with each student, the rest of the class had an Egyptian packet to work on (draw a mummy case, how to write in hieroglyphics, ect…).

Next, we drew in the face together.  We looked at Egyptian pictures and discussed how the eye often appears to be a front view even though it is a profile.  Then I demonstrated different headdresses and students added their choice.  We also added a collar.

Then we began to paint.  We used a set of multicultural colored paints for the face and hair.  The rest of the colors where mixed with Pearl It and or Glitter It Crayola mediums. 

When the painting was done, students used oil pastels to define designs and facial features. Then the cut their profile out and clued it on to a large piece of construction paper. 

They added final touched with glitter, sequence, and rhinestones.  They were also encouraged to add Egyptian inspired designs in the background if time permitted.
Good Job 4th graders! 


When I have a few extra minutes, I like to share this SNL video.  The kids enjoy the silly song and dancing by Steve Martin. 
Saturday Night Live - King Tut - Video -


  1. I do Egyptian projects each year with my 6th graders, and I have Steve Martin's King Tut on a CD, but last year I was told we shouldn't play it any longer because it uses the word "honky". Sigh...

  2. Phyl, thanks for the heads up. I didn't even realize the word had such negative connotations.


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