Thursday, December 9, 2010

Gingerbread House Drawings...


I have to admit I do enjoy adding some festive lessons plans into my curriculm. The students enjoy them, and they tend to fit well in the art schedule right before break. Here are a few cute gingerbread houses my 1st graders created.


We started by drawing a house together. I then showed pictures of gingerbread houses and we discussed what to add to their houses. The students used color sticks and construction paper crayons to colors their houses (I showed a demo on how well theses materials work on back paper in comparison with regular crayons. The kids are always amazed). On the next day they added “frosting” of white paint, to finish their pictures.


This little girl was absent on the first day we drew our houses, but I love what she came up with on her own. Very creative!


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  1. These are cute. Might try something like this this week -thanks!


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