Thursday, December 9, 2010

Paper Molas in Elementary and Middle School..


100_5532This year is 3rd grade we are studying the art of different cultures. Each student has a Passport (which I will share soon), and they fill it out every time we study a new culture. We recently learned about fabric Molas, and the Kuna people who create them. The Kuna people live off the coast of Panama on the San Blas Island.

When teaching about Molas, I like to use the video “Paper Molas” with Peggy Flores. This video demonstrates how to create two types of Paper Molas. The first method involves an x-acto knife (I used razor blades wrapped in tape) and is subtractive. The second method uses scissors and is additive. This year my 3rd graders used the scissors method. As seen in the pictures above. Below are examples from my 7th graders who used the subtractive method.



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