Saturday, December 4, 2010

Working with Rizzi…

In my previous posts on James Rizzi, I have shared a few lessons my students created. Luckily, learning about Rizzi did not end there. I was able to contact Rizzi’s Representative Henry Welt and share the work my students had done. One day I received a package in the mail with a book, and this lovely letter by James Rizzi himself.

RizziLetter 001

I was giddy and so were the kids. We eventually made our own letters and sent them to Rizzi. It was a wonderful experience!

I am still in communication with Henry Welt, and he is excited to hear that other art teachers are using Rizzi’s artwork in their art classes. He has told me that he is interested in seeing what teachers are doing with their students. We are hoping to accumulate all different Rizzi lessons. If you have ideas and pictures you would like to share, please link to this blog or contact Henry Welt.

James Rizzi seems to be passionate about the art of children. He is even in the process of creating a future book/toy. Let me know your thoughts? What would you like to use in your classroom? Do you or would teach kids about the work of James Rizzi ?


  1. Wow! That would make me giddy too! How cool was that of him. I will do a project about him because he's so cool and his art work is too! So nice he supports art education and children.

  2. WOW!! Totally COOL!!

    I have to admit, until the recent posts by you and Barbara ("barbara's thought of the day")I had never even HEARD of Rizzi, but since then I am totally sold on his wonderfully happy artwork. I've planned so far ahead this year I think he'll have to be one of my first artists to focus on NEXT year.

    With my parent hat on, I LOVE the idea of toys. I can see Happy House toys with doors that open and faces that can be changed (kinda like Mr. Potato Head?). And I think his artwork is wonderfully suited for a book, if the story is as good as the artwork.

  3. Hey Guys, Rizzi loves it when kids appreciate his work. In reality, Rizzi feels a close kinship to children because he sees and interprets the world through childrens' eyes. Exploring the world of childrens' perception of the world enabled Rizzi to develop a style that is recognizable, distinctive and accessible. I'm sure he would try to assist in other projects as well.

  4. ... Phyl mentions toys and a book... well we're meeting with people in the toy industry ... and with academic advisors at FIT (Fashion Institute of Technology) and discussing what kinds of toys would be appropriate... and we're actively looking to try to meet a children's book writer to develop a collaboration with Rizzi... all these initiatives are ongoing... any and all leads would be appreciated... I was even thinking that having children contribute some stories or write a book illustrated with James' art would be wonderful but I have no idea whether these ideas would sell... we'll see.

  5. I think having students write a story after looking at Rizzi's artwork might be very genuine. Even if a great story didn't come out of the exercise it would still be a constructive creative writing activity. I going to have to mention that to my colleagues.
    Also, Phyl...I like the interchanging building idea. I love Mr. Potato head Rizzi style ;) Or even A Rizzi workbook with stickers kids could add/move to buildings,pages to color/decorate, and a short bio on Rizzi.

  6. Oh wowee wow. I cannot wait to share my students work with the artist himself. What a wonderful lead. Thanks a bunch, Kristin, for sharing this info. Check out my 5/6 work on my blog. Hugs.

  7. I would love to have a set of Rizzi-style refrigerator magnets so I could turn my fridge into a Rizzi-style Happy fridge.

  8. Here are my Rizzi lessons:

  9. Christian, thanks for sharing your lessons (I was admiring them on your blog last week).
    Barbara I agree with you about the magnets. Rizzi is actually working on magnetic paiting right now. The viewer gets to interact and move pasts of the painting. Check ou this link:,_Inc./Rizzi_Magnetic_figures.html
    and for the backgrounds....,_Inc./Rizzi_3D_Backgrounds.html
    I belive they might try to do something with the magents for kids too.

  10. Your kids made fabulous pieces! And that's a really cool thank you from the artist!
    Thank you for introducing me to Rizzi, because I had never heard of him before. Now of course, I'm interested to learn more.


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